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Constant development of businesses has become extremely demanding regarding to abilities that employees should have In order to meet requirements in term of modern market. This requires continuous development of employees or people who are looking for a job through lifelong learning. Because development of necessary skills requires consumption of a certain time that employees can hardly set aside, participation in workshops and courses can present a quality alternative to acquire new knowledge.














In accordance with current trends in the world of business, business development that has a high level of growth has become a priority. If we analyze small businesses that are already considered as traditional, expansion of the business known as startups is visible. The main characteristic of this type of business is their innovation with which they find their market place, this also enables the achievement of high level growth.

Since innovation is usually connected with young and creative people, the founders of most successful startups of today are young and creative people.
As every idea requires market placement, it is necessary to approach the development of ideas from a professional standpoint that brings many young people in contact with the work space of the modern era.
A space that corresponds to creation of conditions for business ideas development, that will become startup, is our coworking space.




Product improvement or development of completely new products requires implementation of extremely complex procedure that involves measuring, designing and prototyping. To facilitate the entire procedure, usage of modern technological solutions such as 3D scanning and 3D printing is required, or even prototyping using CNC technology, if required.
In practice, the application of above mentioned technologies proved as extremely useful because it allows scanning of existing parts with definition of the necessary dimensions as the basis for product improvement.
And since any improvement or design of a new product requires prototyping in physical form, 3D printing technology can be extremely useful. For more information, visit our blog or come and visit us in our space.















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